Intervention Instruments 


Subsidy to Costs

It consists in the delivery of a determined sum of resources to intermediaries by activity or product, in order to dynamize the inclusion.

It is preferably used as an instrument when the product or channel to be subsidized is homogenous or standardized and, therefore, the selection of beneficiaries can be done by auction to the entity that requests the lowest subsidy.

Subsidies must be transient and decreasing in order to stimulate institutions to achieve profitability of a channel or product that is being encouraged.


Project Co-financing

It is the partial financing of pilot projects that promote financial inclusion. It applies when the projects to be incentivized can not be standardized, but must be flexible to adapt to the realities of the excluded population and the entities that will offer the financial products or services.


Technical assistance

Represents the contribution "in kind" provided by Banca de las Oportunidades to an entity or a group of them through a consulting entity or a consultant with extensive international or national experience, in order to accompany them in the design of new products, services Or methodologies that allow them to reach the excluded population.


Intervention Strategies

Intervention Environment and Regulation to promote access to financial services

This intervention block concentrates actions aimed at strengthening the environment within which the financial activities and the regulatory framework of the entities operating in it are developed, in order to facilitate and promote access to financial services.

Here, the work of Banca de las Oportunidades is to promote and support regulatory reforms aimed at eliminating barriers in the provision of financial services, or to facilitate the implementation of financial products that are in line with the needs of the various sectors that are the subject of the policy.

Another important aspect in which Banca de las Oportunidades works is to generate studies, projects and research that seek to support regulatory and supervisory entities in matters of financial inclusion.


Intervention or Support to Supply and Demand of Financial Services

In this block of intervention, the activities that support the entities of the Network are concentrated to promote a closer relationship between supply and demand. Here the work of Banca de las Oportunidades involves the allocation of resources for projects that have a transversal impact, that is, that can benefit all providers of financial services so that they can better serve the target population. This also includes the activities of dissemination of the policy.


Intervention Support to the Opportunity Banking Network

In this block of intervention, activities are focused in support of the entities that are part of the Banca de las Oportunidades Network: banks, credit institutions, cooperatives, insurance companies and NGOs that motivate them to expand and massify financial services. Here Banca de las Oportunidades' work consists of the design and implementation of programs such as incentives and cofinancing to expand coverage, technical assistance for institutional strengthening, support for the design, development and use of new financial products.

Work strategies

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