¿Who are we?

Banca de las Oportunidades is a policy of the National Government of Colombia whose main objective is to promote access to credit and other financial services to the unbanked Colombian population, specially to the low-income families, micro and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs. This program, managed by the Bank for Foreign Trade - Bancoldex, makes part of the long-term policy of the National Government of Colombia to reduce poverty, promote social equity and stimulate economic development in Colombia.

La Red Banca de las Oportunidades- The Network of Banca de las Oportunidades is constituted by banks, commercial finance companies, Savings and Credit Unions (cooperatives), NGOs and family compensation funds that are in charge of extending geographical outreach and offering financial services to the unattended population. This network finance lendings with its own resources and assume its corresponding risk

Banca de las Oportunidades will facilitate the Network’s job fostering the required reforms to the regulatory framework, supporting the strategy of promotion and incentives, and promoting agreements with different sectors to achieve specific goals towards the main objective of expanding geographical outreach and facilitating access to financial services. 


To promote access to financial services promoting social equity.


More and more Colombians using formal financial services

Objectives and goals

The Banca de las Oportunidades aims to create the necessary conditions to facilitate access to credit and other financial services such as savings, transfers, payments, money orders, remittances and insurance, to people who have not had access to them.
The segments of the population to whom this policy is addressed are:
 -Low-Income People and Families
 -unbank households
 -Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)



Who we are

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